Welcome to the Moo Cow Diarrhoea Tasting Club

And no, despite the name, we don't go the farms looking for cow poo to eat!

This club is all about urban exploring, crane climbing and lift surfing!!

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Members of the Moo Cow Diarrhoea Tasting Club

Here is a small selection of our members.


Hi, I'm Jordan, I tend to do a few silly things sometimes like for example phoning a shopping centre after I have surfed their lifts to inform them about how much I enjoyed it in the lift shaft on top of the lift. Another example of my silliness would be Laying underneath a ecodisc while its on normal and having it come down on top of me. You can see examples of my silliness below. Sometimes if I find out how to do something interesting like for example resetting and testing a governor I will make a video on how I did it. Another thing I enjoy doing is 24-hour challenge in buildings because of the thrill created when trying to avoid security and staff while also getting some sleep. Finally, I really enjoy doing all night challenges which is where you go to a location and try and surf lifts on a night until you have to travel home the next day.

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Hi, I'm Nico aka FailsInGermany, I am a lift filmer from Germany and the thing I like the most is safety breaking lifs! I also surf lifts. Aswell, I enjoy reprogramming lifts and making them more efficent as often the engineers are too stupid to do that.

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Hi, I'm Chris and my YouTube channel is called LiftsInHessen. I am a lift filmer from germany (living almost in the middle of germany, the state is called Hessen so thats why my channel is named after it). My main interest is in relay logic controlled lifts - I like old lifts ... not the modernized crap! I also like urbexing, grotty places, secret and/or hidden stuff in buildings (like pipe tunnels, motorrooms, "technical rooms" and so on) and I'm interested in computers, mostly networking and Linux. I really enjoyed and enjoy meeting the other german lift filmers and of course Ben.

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Hi! I am Trizo, a lift filmer from near Mainz, RP, Germany. I usually do regular lift videos, but I also do lift tours, which can go a little random sometimes. Another kind of videos I do are Skyscrapersim and smashing videos. I have recently discovered my love for lift keys that grand me access to secret floors or priority mode to prevent others from ruining my videos..... naughty!

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Hi! I am NewAgeConnorAlarm, and I am a fire alarm collector. I have liked fire alarms since I was younger. I also like lifts and other stuff. My YouTube is NACA Fire And Security. I do fire alarm videos, lift videos, roblox videos and more!

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Hi, I'm Ben, I go to places all over the world to see what interesting lifts I can find. The things I enjoy the most are Old lifts, fast lifts, rare lifts, lifts with relay logic, automated metro systems (especially the VAL system), trams, buses with fast drivers, Voith gearboxes, Electric buses, hacking computers, secret floors in buildings, abandoned buildings, going places I am not allowed to go, traveling to different countries, DC PWM drives, and old style VF drives (AC PWM) which use a set pulsing pattern which drops pulses at certain stages creating interesting changes to the sound.

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