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Hi, I'm Ben, I go to places all over the world to see what interesting lifts I can find. The things I enjoy the most are Old lifts, fast lifts, rare lifts, lifts with relay logic, automated metro systems (especially the VAL system), trams, buses with fast drivers, Voith gearboxes, Electric buses, hacking computers, secret floors in buildings, abandoned buildings, going places I am not allowed to go, traveling to different countries, DC PWM drives, and old style VF drives (AC PWM) which use a set pulsing pattern which drops pulses at certain stages creating interesting changes to the sound.

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High Speed lift adventures

Super fast lifts.

Fun with lifts

Having fun with epic lifts.

Sleeping for free adventures

Where can you sleep for free.

Ultra efficient lifts

These lifts are some of the best I have ever found.

Tall building adventures

Tall buildings are the best. Tall building adventures with Billy, Josh and Ben

Far far away adventures

Very long way from home, but the flights only costs 5 pounds each way.

Sheffield adventures with Jordan and Harry

Birmingham URBEX adventures

The URBEX adventures of Jordan, Cam, LTBC Vids and Ben

Adventures in Germany

Germany is one of the best places for lift adventures. With FailsInGermany, LiftSurfingGermany, LiftSurfer, PostTower, LiftsInHessen and Eliwag.