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This is a forum about our interests in Lifts, Urbex and public transport. Please note that this includes lift surfing and civil trespass. If you do not approve of this then this probably isn't the right forum for you.

Please note the forum rules: Racist, homophobic or far right comments are not allowed (this includes saying negative comments about immigrants/refugees), Do not backseat moderate or back talk admins, Do not spam, Do not promote your own groups/forums (If someone asks you to join a group/forum you must report it to an admin immediately), Do not ask for or give out any personal information (this includes your age, your address and your facebook account). Also members are expected to do their bit to stop the spread of drama by not joining in with other people's arguments and not talking about arguments or anything else that could start drama.

Also social pressuring people to be a bog standard person is strictly not allowed, irrelevant of what form this may take. This forum is a place for unique people and is a place free from pressuring (either by social pressuring or government propaganda) to stop being unique and becoming bog standard. Our definition of a bog standard person: Someone who doesn't think new ideas but instead just does what everyone else does, and thinks that work (or school) is more important than being their own unique person, and never questions authority.

Sharing key information is prohibited. This is because we don't want all the locks to be changed or someone to hurt themselves thinking they have knowledge they do not.

A few extra notes: It is very likely that trolls and certain people who have a grudge against us will try to cause problems for this forum. These people are likely to information gather and cause drama. These people also attempt to befriend members and turn them against us. There are certain trolls that are very obsessive with there hate towards us. If anyone encounters anyone who is against us, please do NOT engage in a conversation with them, just ignore them and report it to an admin.