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Hi, I'm Jordan, I tend to do a few silly things sometimes like for example phoning a shopping centre after I have surfed their lifts to inform them about how much I enjoyed it in the lift shaft on top of the lift. Another example of my silliness would be Laying underneath a ecodisc while its on normal and having it come down on top of me. You can see examples of my silliness below. Sometimes if I find out how to do something interesting like for example resetting and testing a governor I will make a video on how I did it. Another thing I enjoy doing is 24-hour challenge in buildings because of the thrill created when trying to avoid security and staff while also getting some sleep. Also, I am very daring. I lift surfed a glass lift in a shopping centre in manchester and tend to surf and do very high risk things. Finally, I really enjoy doing all night challenges which is where you go to a location and try and surf lifts on a night until you have to travel home the next day. If you would be interested in seeing more of my silliness or just see my lift surfing videos then click the link below which will take you to my YouTube channel.

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Nice glass Otis 2000s in glassgow

This Otis 2000 was really nice, it had a cross chassis and 2:1 cabling with lots of secret floors and best of all it was in a cinema which was really risky. As you can see each floor counted as 2 and a half floors thats why the doors are so spaced apart.

We went on top of the lift in the shaft at the nutter flats!!!

This picture is of the top of the lift in the nutter flats in sheffield. A bloke on drugs came sprinting down the stairs about 5 floors down when we got of the lift screeming and punching the door. We got creeped out and left.

Glass lift surf in a shopping centre then telling staff at the helpdesk.

High speed 4 M/S lift surf in london

Lying in an Ecodisc pit and the lift comes down!

Ecodisc governer test

Ecodisc safety bypass!

How to release the brake on an express motor

Telling security after surfing a lift