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Hi, I'm Ben, I go to places all over the world to see what interesting lifts I can find. The things I enjoy the most are Old lifts, fast lifts, rare lifts, lifts with relay logic, automated metro systems (especially the VAL system), trams, buses with fast drivers, Voith gearboxes, Electric buses, hacking computers, secret floors in buildings, abandoned buildings, going places I am not allowed to go, traveling to different countries, DC PWM drives, and old style VF drives (AC PWM) which use a set pulsing pattern which drops pulses at certain stages creating interesting changes to the sound.

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My videos

Over the last 10 years I have been making videos. I have over 3000 videos. So finding my best ones can be a challenge.

I have put my videos into playlists for each catagory of video. The videos at the top of each playlist are my best ones.

Crane driving and building site fun

This playlist is all about going onto building sites and having fun. This includes climbing the cranes and driving them. My best building site video is the 230 meter Landmark Pinacle which was epic (although sadly the crane didn't drive on this one).

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URBEX - Live sites (Building infiltration)

This is my live urbex site playlist. This is all about sneaking into secret parts of active buildings.

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Best of BENO

This playlist is a selection of my best content. It contains some lifts, and some videos on various topics, aswell as some interesting moments I have caught on camera.

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Fun lift videos

This playlist is of my less serious videos of how to have fun with lifts. This includes eating lunch on top of them and reprogramming them.

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Cheap flight adventures

In this playlist I travel the world to surf lifts, while paying as little money as possible to do it.

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Detailed look at lifts

Playlist of my technical lift videos

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URBEX - Abandoned sites

From creepy war time bunkers to ship wrecks.

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Lift adventures in the UK

Lift surfing in the UK.

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Lift adventures around the world

Lift surfing all around the planet.

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The BENO archive

This is a series of videos to document the old and interesting transport around the world. Things get replaced fast and we need to keep a record of them.

The Beno railway documentary
Tower block archive
The BENO lift archive
The BENO Bus archive
Train motor sounds archive

Here is a quick selection of my best videos