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Hi, I'm Chris and my YouTube channel is called LiftsInHessen. I am a lift filmer from germany (living almost in the middle of germany, the state is called Hessen so thats why my channel is named after it). My main interest is in relay logic controlled lifts - I like old lifts ... not the modernized crap! I also like urbexing, grotty places, secret and/or hidden stuff in buildings (like pipe tunnels, motorrooms, "technical rooms" and so on) and I'm interested in computers, mostly networking and Linux. I really enjoyed and enjoy meeting the other german lift filmers and of course Ben.

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Loud motor MAN lift !

MAN lift / Aufzug from 1972 with EPIC motor - filmed with BENO

Thyssen motorroom with "selector wheel"

1957 Thyssen Aufzug / lift - with motor room

Nice old Haushahn motorroom - detailed look

1965 Haushahn Aufzug Motorraum / lift motorroom