Facts about BENO

…also known as Ben, Beno Lifts, Benobve, Trainsurfer 2020, Placeholder, WaygoodOtis (impersonation of former friend), Xizi Otis, Dr. Cucumber,…

[Updated 28-08-2021]

Welcome! The aim of this website is not to spread hate, but just to let you know a few facts about Beno. Unfortunately, the quirky friendly Beno you know from „It‘s lift tour time!“ is dead. Instead, you have to expect this:

Emotional abuse, emotional blackmailing

Beno is just this friendly, humble, helpless person who constantly gets picked on by others? You want to be his friend, because you think he needs your help? You like Beno and feel bad for him? Think again. You have fallen for an image that Beno builds around himself. Beno uses your sentiments to his advantage. On any occasion where there is a problem or a disagreement, he will try his very best to make you feel bad. To make you feel like you are causing problems, rather than helping him. The only way to make him happy again is to comply with what he wants. This is emotional abuse. It can be difficult to get yourself out of such a situation. So don’t put yourself into this situation in the first place!

Dubious legality

Beno always claims that everything he does is perfectly legal and that those who may have caught him (security/police) are in the wrong. This is false. Did you know Beno had a child abduction warning notice handed to him by police? Did you know in 2020 Beno escaped having to stay in prison during an ongoing police investigation only thanks to the Covid pandemic? Did you know Beno’s urbex activities are subject of several court documents (witness statements)? Did you know Beno meets up with criminals, drug abusers and vandals to do his urbexes? This is bad. What’s even worse is that he expects you to do the same. If you are just a humble lift filmer, he will have zero respect for you and make jokes about you if you are not around. Don’t let yourself be pushed into illegal activities, only to gain Beno’s respect!

Paranoid control freak

Beno demands full control over anyone, and he will go as far as using fake accounts and manipulating other people to keep you under his control. You can not talk about Beno when he is not around. You can not talk to people Beno does not like. You can not talk about things Beno does not like (example: Roblox, school). You can not say words that Beno does not like (example: lol, oof). You can not be friends with other people from Beno’s community without him as middleman. You can not create your own community. If Beno dislikes anything you supposedly did, you will get to know his dark side. He will try the emotional abuse described above. He will use anything against you he can find. He will talk to other people to gain information he can use against you. He will try to break up the friendships you have with other people. If you still don’t comply, he will eventually resort to harassing and bullying. This will include leaking your personal details to the public. Don’t put yourself into this situation!

Double standards, never admits any mistakes

Beno has done something, so you think you can do it too? Wrong! Beno enforces countless rules on others, but does not apply these rules to himself. Take the ‘forum’ in his Discord server: You must write messages that are at least 150 characters long. This is automatically enforced by a bot. Beno himself however is barely capable of reading and understanding texts longer than 150 characters and would rather use his Admin powers to create a new regular channel rather than using an existing forum channel. Much worse, as written above, you can not talk about Beno when he is not around. However, Beno will happily talk and spread rumours about you when you are not around! Don’t expect any fairness from Beno!

Discussions are pointless

Beno turns any discussion into a waste of time. If you have a disagreement with him, you might expect you can discuss it and come up with a compromise, like civilized people do. Wrong! When discussing with Beno, you will get stuck in an endless loop of exchanging and defeating arguments. If Beno runs out of arguments, he will come up with nonsense arguments, or repeat arguments you previously defeated. If you ever manage to reach a compromise, Beno will not stick to it. He will go against the compromise only hours later. He will not have any understanding why you might be upset about that, and expect you to go back and have a discussion with him, as if the previous discussion never happened. Beno has to have everything exactly how he wants. He is not interested in your ideas and opinions. Don’t waste your time discussing with Beno!

Resentful and unforgiving

Beno will keep forgetting all the good things you did for him, but he will never forget anything you did that he didn’t like, whether it was justified or not. It does not matter if you did more good than bad, it does not matter if you apologized, Beno keeps a record of anything he thinks a person did wrong. He will keep bringing it up at any opportunity, and he will make it part of the emotional abuse described above. If you ever had a disagreement or a fight with Beno, don’t think all is fine again once it’s over!

Finally, a personal note from the creators of this website

You can trust us, we are not making these points up. We all once were Beno’s friends, several of us even met him in person. We all suffered under what we have described above, and eventually came to the conclusion that our lives would be better if we cut our connections to Beno. We are hoping to save you from this painful experience by means of this website. All claims can be backed up with hard evidence.

Thank you for your feedback!

We have received countless messages about this website, all positive without exception. People have told us how well our text above has expressed their feelings about Beno. People have shared their stories and experiences with Beno. People have been giving us further information and evidence to make our text more accurate. Thank you very much!

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