BENO Screenshot Gallery

[Updated 28-08-2021]

This site offers a selection of screenshots, to support the claims made in the “Facts about BENO”, and for your entertainment. These screenshots have been taken from Beno’s Discord Server and various messaging apps and are published with permission.

Beno always claims everything he does is perfectly legal. So is almost crashing a crane legal?
Another crane almost crashed. Perfectly legal?
Beno thinks he does not need to pay for his stay in a “luxary” swimming pool.
Beno’s Discord server has a secret “Gold” section that is hidden from regular members. Beno frequently has hidden calls in Gold VC to avoid people he does not like. Other Gold members however are not allowed to have hidden calls.
“Jokes” and insults said behind peoples backs.
Beno frequently threatens to delete his Discord server to make people feel bad and to pressure them into complying with what he wants. He has never actually deleted his Discord server, threats like this can be ignored.
Beno impersonating one of his Discord Server’s former admins.
Beno is scared of new content being added against him as more people have gladly come forward with information. There is no hate on this site, only facts!
Beno trying to defame a former member of his Discord Server by spreading lies about them. This message was sent to several people, who were all appalled by Beno’s action and instantly contacted us. By giving away their full name, Beno doxxed this former member of his server. Ben G. is very secretive about his name and we think its completely unfair he can release someone’s name that they trusted he would not share.
Beno using one of his countless alt accounts to discourage members of his Discord server from joining whatever Discord servers they like. The Discord server named in the screenshot does not “spread hate”. Ben dislikes it for the sole reason that it is run by a former member of his server.
Beno’s Discord server admins interrogating users who are members of alternative Discord servers on his behalf. They use Muting and social engineering to trick users into giving out user lists so they can pressure people from those groups into leaving them. This user left Beno’s Discord server shortly afterwards as the treatment was unfair as they were not involved in any dispute and just wanted to be able to speak to people in both servers.
Beno trying to mentally manipulate his friends by making them feel guilty for joining a Discord Server run by one of his former friends. Beno can not accept friendships between his friends. He wants to stay as middleman with full control over what his friends say or do together. Fun Fact: After sending this message it was Beno himself who kept contacting this person.